Young People 4 Change is the Nottingham Children’s Hospital ‘Award-winning’ Youth Forum, facilitated by NUH Youth Service.

This is a group of young people living with varying health conditions, along with their siblings, who meet regularly to talk about issues that are important to young people who access hospital services.  They are also involved in providing feedback to the hospital regarding issues such as service development and patient information.

If you are interested in joining Young People 4 Change then please Contact us:


Projects that Young People 4 Change has been involved in are:



  • Designing a child-friendly Complaints Poster and complaints leaflet for the Children’s Hospital
  • Transformation of the Hospital Library
  • Help improving hospital services such as menus and communication tools
  • Reviewing Children’s Hospital policies
  • Involvement in a Foundation Trust Medicine for Members Event
  • Recruitment and selection for youth work, nursing and consultant paediatrician posts
  • Involvement in O2 Thing Big project to provide activities and events for other young people in hospital
  • Taking part in Takeover Day
  • Attending MAGNET meetings.


  • Involvement in helping design the toolkit for the 15 Steps Challenge Project
  • Presentation at the Health-Based Youth Worker’s Annual Conference
  • Involvement in a NHS England DVD project about the rights of young people in health services
  • Represented the Youth Forum and Youth Service at national conferences and transition events
  • Co-hosted the Big Youth Forum Meet-up in Derby 2018.
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