2022 Summer Programme

Join us in August for our exciting Summer Programme!

We have 5 weeks of activities for you to get involved in this summer.

Just download our Summer Programme and decide what you would like to do; then fill out the booking and consent forms and get them back to us to secure your place.

Please note that places are limited so book early so you don’t miss out!

Bring your form to Youth Club, email it to us: nuhyouthservice@nuh.nhs.uk or send it through the post to:  NUH Youth Service, Nottingham Children’s Hospital, QMC Campus, Derby Road, Nottingham. NG7 2UH.

Contact us for any questions or further information.


Youth Service Annual Review

Our 2021 Annual Review is now available to download.

You can read all about what the Youth Team have been up to over the past 18 months here

Young People’s Wellbeing Sessions

Our new Wellbeing Sessions are designed to give young people support, advice & a positive mental health boost!

All aimed for young people 13-21 years, living with a long-term health condition

Virtual Wellbeing Drop-in:

The Virtual Wellness Hub runs every Monday from 5-6pm on Zoom.  No need to make an appointment; just drop in to the waiting room and our Emotional Health Youth Worker will be on hand to offer information and advice.  Contact us for the Zoom Code

Virtual Wellbeing Academy:

The Virtual Wellbeing Academy runs every Monday from 7-8pm on Zoom.  Take part in a range of bite-size sessions focussed on emotional health and wellbeing, all designed to help you get the most of life and take positive steps forward. Contact us for the Zoom Code

The Wellness Hub:

The Wellness Hub is a new space for young people to drop in and gain support and advice from our Emotional Health Youth Worker. Running every Wednesday from 5-6pm at the Monty Hind Centre (where we hold our weekly Youth Club). No appointment necessary – just drop in.

Summer Programme 2021

Our Summer Programme is out now!  

We have lots going on that you can get involved with over the Summer Holidays.  Meet up with the Youth Team and other young people who access hospital services.

Check out our diary of events and choose what you would like to take part in. Then fill out the Booking Form and consent form and return it to us to secure your place.

Places are limited on some of the activities, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Click here to download further information and a Booking Form.


Young People’s Health Transition Video

We recently got together with some young people to talk about Health Transition and the impact of Youth Work and our Aspire Programme, as part of their journey.  

You can view the video here:


Nathan’s Blog…

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Nathan is one of our volunteers and has been involved in the Youth Service for many years.  Nathan is a great role model and valued member of our team!  Here is is blog about living with Cerebral Palsy: 

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological health condition that affects 1 in 400 people within the UK. CP can affect people in different ways meaning you can not find two people affected in the same way, which is down to the severity of a brain injury/learning difficulty and the affected area(s) of the body.  The affected areas can range from one limb, to all for limbs (an arm, one side of the body, one half of the body, or the whole body) including the torso causing problem with posture, balance and movement.


My type of CP and My Journey:

The type of CP I have is known as Spastic Quadriplegia which affects my whole body. Some of the symptoms can include, muscle tightness and stiffness, walking difficulties, seizures and speech impairments.

With my CP I have a moderate learning difficulty that can have an affect on how I learn things. My balance, coordination and movement are affected by high muscle tone which restricts my movement.  Some of theses muscles are stronger than others throughout my body, due to the tightness and stiffness in some areas I find it difficult to bend or straighten my arms and legs.

With the help of physio, and family helping me to do things from a young age, I was able to improve and maintain my balance and becoming less dependent on things being done for me. As a result from my CP some tasks take me longer to do than others but by doing things my self in my own way I have became more and more independent. Some of the things I have always found difficult are bending down, picking up small objects, carrying different amounts of weight, walking up and down steps without hand rails, as this makes me feel like I would fall and activities that require hand-eye coordination.

I was around 5 years old when I able to walk without a frame, and could only manage walking short distances without falling over my own feet or tripping over. I was able to attend mainstream schools despite needing a little extra help with learning. I was also fortune to have regular physio sessions in school where I had to do a variety of exercises which has helped me improve my balance and coordination. Up until I was 12 I had multiple outpatient’s appointments to have casts made for my splints (AFOs) and hip twister brace’s, foot measurements and gate analysts. Having all the appointments didn’t bother me although they seemed a little frustrating as I was doing the same things repetitively.

Learning to ride a bike was one of the best things I did, as it improved my balanced and coordination, even though I had stabilisers until about age 9.  In the late 90’s early 2000 I went to see a Dr about having an operation to straighten my legs and feet, which would make my walking easier and better. I felt very nervous about this and didn’t want it at first, but im glad I had it.

On the 21 May 2001, I had a short stay in hospital to have the operation.  After 6 weeks of not being able to weight bare, I couldn’t wait to get back on my feet. Learning to walk again seemed strange at first, after a few months of slowly getting back on my feet I became less dependent on the wheelchair. After this I continued with my physio and hydrotherapy swimming which helped to keep me loose and mobile.

Soon after I found out about the NUH Youth Service and went to different sports clubs were I was able to get involved and socialise with others.  By getting involved with these clubs I was able to socialise and compete with people with similar abilities, keep active and develop and learn skills. After being involved with these groups for several years I went on to volunteering and trained to be a sports coach, and give other people the opportunities I’ve had.

Youth Service Annual Report

Our 2019-2020 Annual Report is now available to download.

Read all about our amazing first year since our relaunch here

Summer Programme coming soon…

We are working hard to bring you some activities to engage with over the Summer Holidays…

We are obviously gutted that we can’t deliver our usual trips & residentials but we will have a programme set up by the end of July so watch this space for information of what you can get involved with and how…

If you have any ideas and/or want to get in touch with us please Contact us…

June Social Media Challenge

Each week throughout June we will be setting tasks to challenge your body, mind and soul!

Join in, push yourselves and be proud of your achievements!

Week Four: Put the FUN into Fundraising

Supporting a local charity and feeling good about it is a great way to be creative, innovative and involved. 

How about doing something to help raise money for our Wales residential next year or our other Youth Service activities? Any family members are welcome to help too!

Get in touch if you want any support to help with your fundraising.

Everyone who shares their challenges with us will have a chance to earn an AQA accreditation and be in a draw to win an Amazon Voucher. 


Stay Home Booklet

We have prepared this booklet for you, while our face-to-face sessions are on hold, so that you can do the following:

  • Stay in touch with what is happening
  • Have details of all our online sessions
  • Have contact details for the Youth Team
  • Keep a track of all the AQA’s you are getting involved with.

If you would like to download a copy to print at home then please click here.

If you would like a copy sending through the post, please contact us with your details.

Volunteer Spotlight – Diabetes Awareness Week

During Diabetes Awareness Week, the fantastic Callum tells us about his highlights from the Youth Service and living with Type 1 Diabetes:
I have lived with Diabetes for 11 years and can remember the day I was diagnosed like it was yesterday.
Diabetes can be frustrating, unpredictable and tiresome if I’m being honest; however having Diabetes has enabled me to be part of this incredible Youth Service and have opportunities which I wouldn’t change for the world!
I wouldn’t be doing my hobby (running) if it wasnt for having Diabetes. Running in the morning helps me control my blood sugars throughout the day. I am currently training for the Robin Hood Half Marathon which I also did last year and I am aiming for a sub 2 hour time.
My advice is to anyone who has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes is that it does get easier to live with the longer you have it because you get used to it and having Diabetes doesn’t stop you from doing whatever you want to do in life!
My highlights of NUH Youth Service include:
1. Youth Club: I remember leaving my first youth club that I went to a Wednesday night, as a young person, 6 years ago thinking YES! finally a group of people that get me!
2. Visiting Harry Potter studios:
One of the perks of volunteering for this brilliant service is that we get to go on great day trips! Anyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with Harry Potter so this has to be a highlight!
3.Passing my Level 2 Youth Work Course:
This was a great course to do as it really gives you an insight into what working with young people is all about. I found this course challenging at times in a good way and it was definitely worth doing!
I volunteer for the youth service because I wouldn’t be where I am without the service! I feel like I am giving something back to something that has greatly impacted my life and I am still getting so much out of it now. It’s a great feeling to know that I am part of a brilliant team that are changing young people’s lives for the better!

Happy Hour Session 10

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have been so lucky with the weather just lately and now we have RAIN!
In this week’s session, Katie gives you some ideas to keep you focused and feeling positive whilst it is damp and grey outside!
You can download this week’s Muscle Relaxation sheet by clicking below: 
Muscle relaxation Sheet
Join in our new June Social Media Challenge to earn an AQA Accreditation and a chance to win an Amazon voucher!  Find out more here: #NUHJunePride


If you missed Happy Hour Live, or want to recap then you can watch it here:

Happy Hour

🌈 H A P P Y H O U R 🌈 ft Wally the Dog 🐶

Posted by NUH Youth Service on Thursday, 4 June 2020

Don’t forget to join us on Thursday 11th June @ 4pm for our next Happy Hour Live session.

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