Nathan is one of our amazing volunteers…read his blog about Youth Work support:

On the 21 May 2001 (18 years ago), I had a short stay in hospital to have an operation, I had my legs broken and then straightened out.

Following check-ups a few months later I heard a youth club had been set up for people with various health conditions.  By the end of that year I joined the youth club. This was the first time I’d stepped into a youth club and didn’t feel excluded by anybody!

During my time as a member of the youth club, I have made many friends and got involved with as many experiences as I could.  I was able to meet several other people with disabilities, have fun and learn and develop my skills.

In my late teens I decided and thought to my self ‘I didn’t want to leave a wonderful and caring place and felt is was time to give others the opportunities I’ve been given’. I started helping out here and there before becoming a volunteer, which I have been doing for 10 years and gaining my Level Two Certificate in Youth Work Practice.

This service has made me who I am. I have seen the service develop from a piloted project to where it is now. I have had lots of fun through formal and informal activities, the chance to improve confidence through team

challenges and training courses. The training and challenges I have had along with support for an interview helped me get an apprenticeship. #InspireEnableAchieve #YouthWorkinAction



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