What strange and unprecedented times we are living in! It’s really easy to spend your time thinking about all those plans that had to be cancelled or thinking about what you would be doing right now if the coronavirus didn’t exist (trust me I have had my moments with these thoughts) however I have learnt that there is no point in thinking like this. It will only drag you down, you have to think of the positives and find ways to keep yourself busy and upbeat in these strange times. Hopefully this is where this blog will be helpful as
I am going to share with you the ways which I have been doing exactly this. 

One of the ways which I find to be very helpful in lifting my mood is doing exercise! It just puts me in a positive state of mind from the off when I go for my run in the morning. Each day I have been going for runs between 4 to 6 miles once a day. Other forms of exercise which I have been doing in the house involves me going in the loft, in my loft I have a weights and bench press and also a punch bag to help with my fitness.

Another thing I have signed up to do to use my time wisely is an online course in mental health. I have signed up to a site called Alison who do many free online courses. https://alison.com  This is a great way to use my time and it adds structure to my day and of course I am learning which is always a positive!

Other things I have been doing during this time is:

  • Listening to music (I am loving Lewis Capaldi at the minute – what an artist!)
  • Gaming- I am playing football manager at the moment which I am loving (I have of course took over the mighty reds!), 
  • Watching multiple series and films on Netflix and Now TV (If you are looking for a good series to watch I recommend watching the English game it’s a great series even if you don’t like football I think you would enjoy it!) 
  • Colouring in which I find both relaxing and very much enjoyable even for someone who wouldn’t exactly describe themselves as artistic or creative.

There are still things I want to do which I haven’t got round to doing yet I mean there are so many films I haven’t seen like the Lord of the Rings, all the Hobbit films, Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean and that’s just to name a few! 

My final message to everyone is that we are all in this together (sorry to quote High School Musical but it had to be done!) so look out for one another it’s an extremely strange and difficult time where everybody is feeling indifferent at the moment. Make sure to talk to family and friends during this time and use the wonderful technology that we have to enable us to do this. 

Stay safe, be kind, keep positive and I hope to see everyone soon!

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