On Monday 19th June, our Prospect group met for their monthly session but with a difference…

Thanks to Pizza Express in West Bridgford the young adult’s were able to practice their culinary skills by taking part in a pizza-making workshop.

On arrival we were met by friendly chef Chris who led us through the process. Chris even tried to teach us some impressive tricks such as flipping the pizza bases. Nobody quite mastered it but fortunately no pizzas hit the floor- although some did come pretty close!.

We loaded the pizzas with our favourite toppings (everything from red onion, to pepperoni, to spicy chilli beef) covered them in mozzarella and with one final pinch of oregano we sent them off with Chris to the pizza oven.

When the pizza’s arrived back at the table they were piping hot and looked delicious… and they tasted it too!



Not only did our young adult’s learn a useful new skill but thanks to the friendly staff at Pizza Express we had an extremely fun and memorable afternoon.

The group were keen to try our their new skills again at home and there was lot’s of discussion about which recipes and cultures we could try out next.

The aim of Prospect is to provide young adults, aged 16-25, with opportunities to socialise, develop their skills, gain independence and build
up a strong support network.

If you’re aged 16-25 and interested in joining our Prospect group then get in touch. Our next session is on Tuesday 18th July 6-9pm at Scout Wood, Nottingham where we’ll
be trying our bushcraft skills and having a BBQ!

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