54321 Mindfulness Dog Walk!

This weeks session takes you through the 54321 of Mindfulness. We did this on a sunny dog walk; you can do it anywhere you like!  Click on the link below for the downloadable sheet from today’s session:
54321 Mindfulness Moment Sheet
Don’t forget to join in May’s Photo Challenge for a chance to win an Amazon voucher! You can find out more here: #NUHMayPhotos


If you haven’t already joined us on our sunny Mindfulness Dog Walk you can head over to our Facebook Page or clink on the link below:

Happy Hour – Mindfulness Moments

Happy Hour is here! So sorry for the delay, this took a little longer than expected to upload! Watch the video to join us on our Sunny Dog Walk in the Woods and learn the ‘54321’ of Mindfulness!? ? ?

Posted by NUH Youth Service on Thursday, 21 May 2020


Don’t forget to join us on Thursday 28th May @ 4pm for our next Happy Hour Live session.

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