Part Two of the Happy Hour AQA!

Thanks for joining us for Happy Hour! Hope you are enjoying the sessions and getting something from them – please feel free to message us to let us know what you are enjoying about the sessions and if there is anything you would like us to cover? 
This weeks session takes you through the next 3 points of the AQA and how you can achieve them.  Click on the links below to download today’s sheets:
AQA Part FOUR Download Sheet
AQA Part FIVE Download Sheet
AQA Part SIX Download Sheet
Don’t forget to join in May’s Photo Challenge for a chance to win an Amazon voucher! You can find out more here: #NUHMayPhotos

If you missed today’s Live Session, you can watch it in the link below:

Happy Hour 6!

Posted by NUH Youth Service on Thursday, 7 May 2020


Don’t forget to join us on Thursday 14th May @ 4pm for our next Happy Hour Live session.

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